12 Swing Set Workouts… Exercise with a Playground Swing!

Swing Set Workouts Book…
You get 12 fast, effective, workouts… All done with a playground swing! Alternate them for best results…
You geSwing Workouts Bookt 12 fast and effective workouts that range in difficulty, more than enough to make a real difference! Perfect for for anyone who enjoys exercise. Use these workouts to gain strength, lose weight, and become more fit. Many of the exercises in this book were part of Karen Goeller’s gymnastics training programs. You will gain strength and become accustomed to supporting your own body weight in motion. There are full body workouts and split routines. You’ll reach a remarkable fitness level after performing these workouts frequently and consistently. Wait until you see the workouts performed on a playground swing. You will not believe your eyes! Order this book and accept the challenge! There are 244 pages and 222 photos.

Buy here, http://amzn.com/0615151701

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