40% Off Gymnastics Books this Weekend!

This weekend!!! 40% off discount codes for Gymnastics Books.
Order directly from the webpages with these codes and you get 40% off. Does not include shipping. Each book has it’s own page and code. Only one code can be used at a time.

Code SXTNU2VW for Gymnastics Drills and Conditioning Bookhttps://www.createspace.com/3736294

Code 46CBH2KG for Gymnastics Journal: My Goals, My Scores, My Dreams… 

Code YB34HTBE for Gymnastics Lessons Learned: Life Lessons through Gymnasticshttps://www.createspace.com/4229569

Code 9HJSP6UQ for Gymnastics Coloring Book

Bio at About Karen Goeller, www.KarenGoeller.com

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