Actor, Karen Goeller

Karen Goeller is an actor with 30 acting and crew credits on IMDB.
 She is a member of NY Women in Film & TV. She has had a variety of scripted and improv roles on film, tv, and commercials.

Karen is most often cast as a wife, lawyer, detective, FBI Agent, college professor/teacher, doctor, or reporter. You can cast her according to any of her special abilities as well. Please keep Karen in mind for day player, supporting, leading, and stand-in roles.

Besides acting, Karen Goeller was recently a Script Supervisor for the film Gingersnap. It was part of the Women’s Weekend Film Challenge. She is interested in more Script Supervisor roles.

She was also a producer and director for a  small children’s production through the Incrediflix company.

Special Abilities: Precision Driver, Ballroom Dancer (waltz, foxtrot, tango, quickstep, Viennese waltz, cha-cha, hustle), Swimmer, Gymnastics Coach, CSCS-Strength/Sports Coach, Fitness Trainer, Former NYPD, Former EMT, Physical Therapy.

imdb logoKaren Goeller’s reel, credits, and photos are on her IMDB page. (Acting Credits) (Fitness, Gymnastics, Sports, Health Books)
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