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Training for Athletes in NJ
I have an opening Sunday… Call for info.

And for Gymnastics Training check this page out,

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Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books

Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books by Karen Goeller, CSCS

Books are great gifts for kids and adults!



What Attribute Does an Athlete Need Most?

Someone asked a question many of you may be thinking…

kids-playing-sports-collection-008What attribute if there is one alone is it that makes someone a winning athlete?
Here’s my answer…
Really it’s PASSION for the sport. Without that passion, it is impossible to work through the difficult times. But a talented, passionate athlete will only succeed in a good training program. Perseverance and goal setting are important too, but PASSION will drive the athlete all the way.
No passion = no goals + poor work ethic.

Congratulations to my boxer!

Congratulations to Paul Anthony, my boxer from Gleason’s boxing gym!!! A nice WIN at the tournament last night and he gets to advance in this tournament! Paul has a great boxing coach, Devon, and a support team that cannot be beat.

I truly love seeing my athletes succeed after they have trained consistently and worked hard… Paul sets a good example for younger athletes every day. He not only trains in the sport he loves, he is a college student and has had a steady job for a very long time.

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