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Gifts! Gymnastics Books for gymnasts and coaches!


Nice gifts for gymnasts and gymnastics coaches… Gymnastics Books.

Gymnastics Drills and Conditioning Book

Gymnastics Journal: My Goals, My Scores, My Dreams

Gymnastics Lessons Learned: Life Lessons through Gymnastics

Gymnastics Coloring Book

Training with Karen,

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Gymnastics Mental Blocks… Last Minute Training

   I cannot teach your level 8 daughter a yurchenko vault in an hour to compete at states in three days!

   It takes years to develop the strength, flexibility, speed, and technique necessary for that vault. And it takes numerous drills and progressions to learn that vault. Originally only  level 10 and elite gymnasts were allowed to perform that vault. When the vault changed to a table that rule was adjusted, but the risk still exists.

   A level 8 gymnast AFRAID of the vault should NOT be asked to compete it at a state competition. Why would adults ruin a child’s day and have her literally risk her life for scores, especially at level 8? I learned she is already getting a 36AA score, very respectable.  Let her perform the easier vault and enjoy the day!

   This is NOT the Olympics. Let her enjoy her day at states rather than worrying, losing focus, being upset, and likely injuring herself. An injury is not a badge of honor, it’s painful, time consuming, stressful, inconvenient, and expensive.

   People do not realize the risk in the sport because when they see the Olympics on tv those gymnasts make everything look easy. That’s the art of the sport, to make difficult skills LOOK easy. It takes an average ten years of non-stop, intense, appropriate training to get to level 10 and even more to get to elite.

   Parents, you MUST appreciate the risk and stop pushing your kids to do things they are desperately afraid of just for a score or YOUR ego. You could literally kill your child by pushing them like that and I cannot be part of that.

   I am available to help train your children and do have great success with my private clients, but will not do last minute teaching for a state meet. It is NOT the same as cramming for a final exam in school, there are real-life consequences to telling a kid they must perform a dangerous skill at a stressful competition. Injuries happen when focus is compromised by fear, lack of sleep, lack of energy, and dehydration.

   As a parent you should encourage your kids, but you should NOT try to force them to compete skills that they cannot perform comfortably on their own for several months in advance. Remember, it is YOUR kids SAFETY at risk.

   If they are afraid, there is a good reason and they need more time, drills, technique adjustments, and spotting in order to become comfortable with the skill. They also might need more sleep, water, and high quality carbs to stay focused. (Click here for article on focus.)

Click here for info on training with Karen in NJ.

Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books

Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books by Karen Goeller, CSCS

Books are great gifts for kids and adults!


Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books

Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books by Karen Goeller, CSCS

Books are great gifts for kids and adults!



Gymnastics Stuff: Apparel, Gifts, Calendars, Posters, Ornaments

We have added a few new designs to the gymnastics products on our Gymnastics Stuff gifts website. There is a great gymnastic design for everyone on your list. The new designs have been added to the calendars, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, baby items, journals, pillows, clocks, and other products,

So visit our gymnastic gifts and apparel website today and finish all of your holiday shopping. Your gymnast and gymnastics coach will love the gymnastic gifts from Gymnastics Stuff! Did you get a 2010 gymnastic calendar for your gymnast or gymnastics coach yet? The calendars are perfect gifts and they will definitely be used all year long. You can choose from the monthly calendar or the 11 x 17 calendar prints. The gymnastics calendars feature professionally designed gymnastics art with unique gymnastic quotes. Either way, your gymnast and coach will love this gift! Here is the calendar page… And here is the page with all of the gymnastics apparel and gifts…

And did you know that we have great deals on gymnastics and fitness journals and many other books? There are packages of books that offer super savings. And we offer quantity discounts so you may want to get a book for each team member! You can see the books at

Have a great holiday season…

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