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Legs Plus Workouts
Legs Plus Workouts. By Karen Goeller. All ten LEGS PLUS workouts are challenging, unique, and very effective. It is the perfect system for weight loss and general fitness. You will be guided through each workout with specific instructions and photos of each exercise. The workouts are well-rounded and quick so you can exercise all of the major muscle groups and then get on with your life. No need to spend hours at the gym to reach your fitness goals. Exercise at home or at the gym with LEGS PLUS Workouts!

Gymnastics Coloring Book
A collection of simple illustrations for young gymnasts to color. Many of the same designs as in the Gymnastics Lesson Book and on the t-shirts at

Gymnastics Lessons Learned: Life Lessons through Gymnastics
This is a collection of stories about gymnasts who learned valuable lessons through gymnastics. Most gymnasts here were the author’s own gymnasts. By reading these short gymnastics stories your child will learn new lessons, change their attitude, or possibly redirect their gymnastics career. The stories show the value of gymnastics lessons beyond the fun, gymnastics skills, and competitions. Gymnasts will enjoy reading this book and sharing the stories with their friends. Nice gift for any gymnast, gymnastics parent, or gymnastics coach.
Sports Lessons Learned: Life Lessons through Sports.

This is similar to the gymnastics lessons book, but it includes different sports. The stories show the value of sports way beyond the physical skills and accomplishments.

Lymphedema: Sentenced to Life in Bed, but I Escaped (Also available for Kindle through Amazon!)
Karen Goeller’s story, dealing with a cancer diagnosis at age 25 and the lymphedema afterwards. You will be inspired to push yourself to beat the odds, accept the challenge, and reach your goals. You will see how Karen Goeller went from being the bed-ridden patient to who she is today. She has accomplished great success after the doctors told her that she would never work again. Twenty years later Karen Goeller is living a full life, the life she was told she would never have. Karen Goeller wishes to help others dealing with lymphedema with her tips on exercise, the resources, and dealing with lymphedema.
Fitness Journal: My Goals, My Training, and My Success
This fitness journal is great for people who need motivation to workout or those want to keep track of their workouts. It should be useful for anyone who is just starting to exercise, the person who has been training for years, college athletes, and bodybuilders! This fitness journal helps with the planning phase and with the training phase. There are spaces for goals, workout details, and even spaces to record meals. Order this amazing fitness journal today!
Strength Training Journal
This fitness book is useful for anyone with the desire to track progress. Use this strength training journal to record workouts as you complete them or write in a training program for the future. This unique strength training journal can also be used for personal training. Your Personal Trainer can fill in the exercises and give this journal to you as part of the personal training service. There are spaces for strength exercises, cardiovascular training, and stretching exercises. There are over 100 pages of blank strength training charts.
Swing Set Workouts
You get a great variety of workouts that range in difficulty. There are at 12 fast and effective workouts, more than enough to make a real difference! Perfect for anyone who enjoys exercise. Use these workouts to gain strength and become more fit. Many of the exercises in this book were in Karen Goeller’s gymnastics training programs. You will gain strength and become accustomed to supporting your own body weight in motion. There are full body workouts and split routines. Once you learn these exercises, you can create your own workouts. You’ll reach a remarkable fitness level after performing these workouts frequently and consistently. People will ask your secret. Wait until you try the workouts performed on a playground swing. Get this book, have fun, and become fit!
Fitness on a Swing Set with Training Programs
You get nearly 50 exercises and at least a dozen workouts, more than enough to make a real difference. This book is perfect for firefighters, police officers, rescue workers, military personnel, nurses, construction workers, athletes, or anyone who relies on their strength. Use these exercises and workouts to gain strength, flexibility, and become more fit. This fitness book is truly original and unique. Many of these exercises were taken from Karen Goeller’s gymnastics training programs while others are more traditional exercises. The workouts range in difficulty with full body training and split routines. Most people reviewing this book will find several exercises they could never have imagined. Wait until you see the exercises and workouts performed on a regular playground swing. You will not believe your eyes! Order today and accept the challenge!
Fitness on a Swing Set
A great variety of the exercises that range in difficulty. Each chapter focuses on a different body area in addition to a chapter with stretching exercises. This unique fitness book is filled with exercises that will prove to be a challenge to even the most fit. Many of the exercises in this book were taken from Karen Goeller’s gymnastics training programs. Other exercises are the more traditional exercises. Relax at the end of your workout with some of the stretching exercises! How much would you pay a very experienced fitness expert to teach you nearly 50 new exercises? That could cost well over a thousand dollars! Get several exercises and create your own great workouts by performing one exercise from each section. You’ll feel like you hired a personal trainer and in the process, you’ll reach a remarkable fitness level. People will ask your secret! Order now!
Gymnastics Journal… My Scores, My Goals, and My Dreams
This Gymnastics Journal has spaces for gymnastics competition scores, event goals, future goals, and much more! You should have enough space for more than one gymnastics season. In one journal you’ll be able to track your progress and your goals from year to year. Written by a very experienced coach, she helped her gymnasts set goals, achieve them, and even surpass them often. Karen Goeller has produced several successful gymnasts.
Gymnastics Drills and Conditioning Exercises
The gymnastics drills and conditioning exercises in this gymnastics training book will help speed the learning process. Every gymnast must master the gymnastics skills addressed in this drills and conditioning book. The topics include running, vaulting, dance, uneven bars, and press handstand. In the uneven bars section there are drills for the glide kip, cast handstand, and clear hip among other skills. In the dance section there are drills and conditioning exercises for the split leap, straddle jump, and other dance skills. These drills are perfect for gymnasts in levels one through eight. This book was originally published in 2001. Very well written and simple format with stick figure illustrations that are easy to understand. There are over 100 drills and conditioning exercises in this book. This is one of a series of gymnastics drills and conditioning books by Karen Goeller, CSCS.
Handstand Drills and Conditioning
Your gymnasts will benefit from these handstand drills and conditioning exercises. These gymnastics drills are a necessity for all gymnasts because the handstand is the most important skill in gymnastics. Specific Conditioning, Body Tightness, Handstand Shape, and Planche Position Strength.
Gymnastics Drills … Walkover, Limber, Back Handspring
These gymnastics drills were used to produce several successful gymnasts. The drills included in this book break down the skills into easy to understand body positions and movements. There are some drills that should help those gymnasts not yet confident enough to reach back to a bridge from standing, while other drills train the muscles necessary to perform these movements with ease. Many of the drills and exercises can be used for flexibility training with more advanced gymnasts.
Gymnastics Conditioning for the Legs and Ankles
These exercises help to strengthen the gymnasts legs so that she can land with control and decrease the chance of injury to the lower body upon these landings. Some exercises specifically concentrate on the landing technique while others help develop strength.
Gymnastics Conditioning Programs: Five Conditioning Workouts
There are five gymnastics conditioning workouts included in this book. Topics include endurance, core, upper body strength for uneven bars, leg strength, and more! There are very specific instructions along with an illustration for each exercise. For best results alternate these workouts. The shoulder exercises are for cast handstand, the hip flexor exercises such as the step over exercises are for straddle jumps, the wood chop and other oblique exercises performed with straight arms are for twisting, the exercises performed with the ball help with handstands, including cast handstand, the leg exercises are for the push of the round off and back handspring, the running exercises are for vaulting and tumbling.
Gymnastics Conditioning: Tumbling Conditioning
This gymnastics book has conditioning for twisting, body tightness, upper body strength, plyometrics, and more. It should be useful for gymnasts who are learning to twist or will be learning a full twist in the near future. The twisting conditioning exercises will also help gymnasts who need a reminder on how to contract the muscles necessary to actually make their body twist while upside down!
The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Gymnastics
This gymnastics book will help provide answers to various dilemmas and circumstances concerning gymnastics training. The author wishes to help the athlete and parent enjoy their gymnastics experience to the fullest.

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