Gymnastics Drills Books

Gymnastics Drills and Conditioning Books

web-6-drills-cond-books-darkThere are six books in this series. The first four are featured here, but all of them can be purchased on Amazon,

Gymnastics Drills and Conditioning (6th ed of Over 100 Drills…)

Gymnastics Drills and Conditioning Book

The gymnastics drills and conditioning exercises in this gymnastics training book will help speed the learning process. Every gymnast must master the gymnastics skills addressed in this drills and conditioning book. The topics include running, vaulting, dance, uneven bars, and press handstand. In the uneven bars section there are drills for the glide kip, cast handstand, and clear hip among other skills. In the dance section there are drills and conditioning exercises for the split leap, straddle jump, and other dance skills. These drills are perfect for gymnasts in levels one through eight. This book was originally published in 2001. Very well written and simple format with stick figure illustrations that are easy to understand. There are over 100 drills and conditioning exercises in this book. This is one of a series of gymnastics drills and conditioning books by Karen Goeller, CSCS. 

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Handstand Drills and Conditioning

Handstand Drills and Conditioning Book

Your gymnasts will benefit from these handstand drills and conditioning exercises. These gymnastics drills are a necessity for all gymnasts because the handstand is the most important skill in gymnastics. Specific Conditioning, Body Tightness, Handstand Shape, and Planche Position Strengths. 

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Gymnastics Drills for the Walkover, Limber, and Back Handspring

Walkover and Back Handspring Drills Book

These gymnastics drills were used to produce several successful gymnasts. The drills included in this book break down the skills into easy to understand body positions and movements. There are some drills that should help those gymnasts not yet confident enough to reach back to a bridge from standing, while other drills train the muscles necessary to perform these movements with ease. Many of the drills and exercises can be used for flexibility training. 

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Gymnastics Conditioning for the Legs and Ankles

Gymnastics Conditioning for the Legs and Ankles

These exercises help to strengthen the gymnasts legs so that she can land with control and decrease the chance of injury to the lower body upon these landings. Some exercises specifically concentrate on the landing technique while others help develop strength. 

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The first 4 are featured here, but all of the gymnastics and fitness books by Karen Goeller can be purchased on Amazon,

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