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goeller-gym-feb-2019-sq-urlHere are some of Karen Goeller’s thoughts. Most are quick podcasts, under two minutes, but may be helpful to you… These are mostly health, nutrition, and sports-related, but there are other topics that are covered on occasion.

How did this start? Karen Goeller, CSCS, was concerned after hearing a medical doctor on tv give advice. He left out the most simple solutions to the problem. She thought her voice needed to be heard. Karen will continue to give her thoughts on topics that come up with her clients, friends, and on the news.

Enjoy listening!!!
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The Feet Matter! Correct Over Pronation Now to Avoid Problems Later

What is over-pronation and how do you adjust it?

From 6 Inches to a Split in Ten Minutes

How did one gymnast make months of progress with flexibility in ten minutes? She stretched the correct muscle slowly and carefully.

Your Gymnast’s Life is in Her Hands, Literally

Your gymnasts will return without enough grip strength for specific skill son uneven bars. Train grip strength before asking them to perform giants. Click on podcast title to read article and get ideas on how to build grip strength.

Gymnastics Coach Haney Suspended 8 Years

You’ll know it’s abuse if you see it. Don’t be afraid of a good work ethic, but do remove your child from abusive situations. Just follow your gut instinct when it comes to your child’s training.

Advice for Gymnasts During COVID Pandemic

Try to make strength and flexibility goals for yourself now – for your return to the gym. Do activities that build strength (bike riding, stair climbing, swing set fitness, swimming, etc) Try to have fun outdoors. 

When Gymnasts Return to Training After the COVID-19 Pandemic

As coaches, we all want gymnasts to regain all they lost, but it will be a process. We must be extremely patient. Many will have new fears and others will have lost strength.

What Can Gymnasts Do at Home?

What can gymnasts do? Of course conditioning and stretching, but also balance and visualization.

Not Everyone Follows the Keto Diet.

Someone asked what I eat for breakfast. I responded honestly, “oatmeal with blueberries, or honey & flax, or gogi berries, or banana…”  Her response, “oats and honey are not good for keto.”  Ummm, not everyone follows that extreme and dangerous diet. I told her it is not a good idea and found her some info on the DANGERS of KETO. Just eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, some carbs, and some protein.

Overuse Injuries on the Rise with Child-Athletes

Children as young as 5 competing, as young as 8 with overuse injuries.
Read the entire article here.

Halloween Candy, Sugar Crashes… Can Lead to Real Crashes
Read the entire blog post and get more info on sugar crashes here, Halloween Candy.

Be careful with the amount of candy your child athlete eats on Halloween. That sugar crash may lead to fatigue, lack of focus, and an accident in the gym.

The Whole Team with Ankle or Foot Pain? Severs?
Read blog post here, Whole Team.

If several athletes on your team have pain in the same general area something must change. Here are a few suggestions from Karen Goeller, CSCS.

Stay Focused, It’s Your Safety.

Read blog post here, Stay Focused.
And original article here, Staying Focused in Gymnastics

It’s that time of year… Gymnasts are returning to school and have much more difficult schedules. They may be getting less sleep and have much more on their minds. Accidents happen when focus is lost. Please be sure your child is getting plenty of sleep, fluids, and food. Please remind them to stay focused in the gym. It’s their safety and life that they are controlling each time they perform a skill or routine. It’s just that time of year when gymnasts adjust to new schedules and are very tired or overwhelmed.

The Box Jump, Not for Gymnasts

Some fitness exercises are unproductive for gymnasts. They are not sport-specific and the gymnast could be spending their time more wisely. The exercises are often not being performed with the correct technique. That can cause injury. One of the exercises is the box jump.  The box jump is not at all sport-specific. Gymnasts do not have to jump up to chest height for any skill. They do not have to jump that high for their dance jumps such as split jumps or straddle jumps. And when they are tumbling, such as a double-back, they are not actually jumping. They are rebounding. There is a big difference between jumping and rebounding. The lift (“set”) requires the gymnast to stay tight, not jump. If a gymnast needs more height for tumbling, they must train body-tightness, rebounding, and tumbling technique, NOT the box jump. Read the rest of the article by clicking here.

Tips for Brand New Actors

I am a Script Supervisor and Actor. I am not an acting coach, but wish I had these tips when I first started as an actor. Read all the tips here.

Here are a few tips… Do not look at the camera. Do not call cut. Do not sit in crew chairs or crowd the village. Do not take photos on set and post them online. Listen to the wardrobe rules, usually no logos! And bring a pair of comfortable flats or slides for walking to set or in between shots. Be on time and ready to work. Be prepared. KNOW your lines and your actions. Do not show up to set after having a script for three months without knowing what to expect or your lines! Bring something to read to keep yourself occupied during down-time. Bring water and a snack. Bring toiletries that you may need.  This is just a list that I wish I read when I first started. I see alot watching a monitor all day long as a script supervisor.

Benefits of Home Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Which is better? Home gym or a fitness club? As a fitness trainer and coach for many years, I’ve used both. Both have many benefits.

Ballet… Beautiful Art Form, but Not for Gymnastics

I love ballet, but not with the intent to compliment gymnastics. When you are looking for cross training to help your gymnasts, try to align the movements with the sport you are trying to improve. Ballet, as wonderful as it is, does not do that for gymnastics.

Bronchitis… And My Soup

Bronchitis… Its day 4 and my lungs are tired. So you know what I did earlier today? I went to the farmers market and bought the ingredients to make soup. Yup, my soup usually opens my lungs up nicely.  So what’s in my soup?  Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, Green Beans, Carrots, Celery, Red Potatoes, Garbonzo Beans (Chick Peas), All-Natural Chicken. Read more here on my blog post.

Too Much Protein, Kids

So I got a text yesterday from a parent, “should I start my daughter on protein shakes?” Take a guess what my two-word response was… “Absolutely NOT.” First of all, if your child eats, they are likely getting enough protein. Did you know there is protein in kale, peas, and some other vegetables? And there is protein in dairy, beans, nuts, oatmeal, and some bread? Too much protein can cause damage to the body. It can lead to dehydration, loss of calcium, kidney stones, and even kidney dysfunction. So, why would you want to give your child excess amounts of protein? Yes, we all need protein, but too much of a good thing can actually be bad.

Actor Rejection

“How do you deal with all of the rejection?” Many people have asked me that question in the past 6+ years I’ve worked in the film industry. I think there is a difference between not being chosen and being harshly rejected. Maybe I just have a good attitude or a good outlook on life. Of course, there is some disappointment, but the last thing you want to do is not fit into a role and ruin a project for everyone.  So, no, I do not think of it as “rejection.” I just continue to apply and audition for roles and eventually, I’ll be cast in something worthwhile.

Unexpected Physical Challenge

It’s snowing out there… Are you in shoveling shape? No, really… Are you in shape for unexpected physical work?  Why risk it? There are plenty of appropriate workouts you can do. Start at the beginning then work up to more challenging workouts.
Good luck… and get in shape now for those unexpected days later…

Bread… Yes, I DO Eat Bread!

You CAN eat bread and remain healthy. That’s as long as you are eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and other REAL foods. Every cell in your body relies on glucose to function so you DO NEED CARBS for energy.

My favorite bread is the Oat Nut, but there are many varieties that will not sabotage your good health. The Ezikiel bread in the freezer section is a great one.

Salads… You Do Not Need Lettuce

I have a thought for those of you who say you “hate salad.” Did you know you can throw a few fruits and/or veggies of your choice and call it a salad?

Start with a few green beans and grapes if that’s all you enjoy from the produce dept. Or how about a sliced apple, maybe a clementine, and some green beans? How about an apple, cheese, and grapes?

I’m not saying to leave out kale and spinach if you enjoy them. I eat them very often. I am just letting people know they can add nutrients to their diet in a more creative way if they do not like lettuce, kale, or spinach.

Be creative and try to get at least three healthy items into that bowl.

No Need to Eat 100% Healthy 100% of the Time

No need to eat 100% healthy 100% of the time. Yes, you heard right. Karen Goeller, CSCS, the person who has been teaching people about health, fitness, and strength for over 30 years just said that!

If you try to eat 80%-90% healthy, you’ll likely be satisfied and remain close to your ideal weight. But first, define healthy.

In my opinion, healthy foods are food from the produce, fish, and meat sections of the supermarket. That’s fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Yes, potatoes and yams included. Just stay away from the boxed meals, fast-foods, and junk foods.

Try really hard to snack on high-quality foods rather than cookies, candies, and other processed foods with low or no nutritional value.

And yes, I DO eat bread and a high protein-omega-3 pasta made from legumes. I personally enjoy Oat Nut bread and Barilla pasta in the yellow box. The Ezekiel bread is high quality too. And of course, your beverages count. Keep the sugar and syrups OUT of your coffee!

So try this. next time you go to the store, be sure that 8 or 9 of every ten items in your cart are actually healthy items. I personally only eat 80%-90% healthy. Remember to define healthy before you make changes.

Good luck… Stay healthy!

And if you want to start exercising, try the LEGS PLUS workouts. www.LegsPlus.com

P.S. Follow your doctor’s guidelines for you if you have a specific diet. Discuss all changes with a medical professional.

Lymphedema Diet

After seeing a photo of me holding my Lymphedema Book, someone asked me, “Is there a specific diet you follow for lymphedema?” My initial response was, “A healthy one!”

Not being wise, seriously, a healthy variety of real foods. I try to eat many fruits and vegetables daily and I eat carbs and proteins. Yes, I eat carbs! Every cell in your body NEEDS glucose to function.

And I eat enough proteins, but I do not overdo the proteins. Unused proteins go back to the liver, get converted to glycogen, and then get stored in your body as fat. So too much protein not only stresses your organs, it gets stored as fat if not used for energy. And when your body is using protein as energy, it is actually taking it from muscle. So if you are not doing resistance exercise and you are not eating carbs, you will end up with very little muscle tone and too much fat stored in your body. Stop doing the protein drinks and bars if you are not a body-builder. They were created for body-builders, not for middle-aged people who do not exercise very intensely.

And yes, I eat carbs! I eat plenty of rice, potatoes, yams, quinoa, and pasta that is made from legumes and oats. I eat oatmeal, oat bran, or cream of wheat with one or two of the following in my hot cereal flax, chia seeds, blueberries, or goji berries in the morning. And I use almond or coconut milk rather than cow milk.

I admit, when I visit mom, I do eat a slice of cake if she offers it after dinner, but I do not keep junk food at home. Junk food is not part of my daily eating routine.

And do not follow any diet that is advertised. Why? because they are advertising their diets in order to sell you something. It does not mean that it is a suitable eating plan for you. Many generations before us did very well just eating real foods. The human body has not changed in its needs. Eat your fruits and vegetables! It will pay off in the long run.

Enjoy the rest of your day…


Motivation… Quick Pick-Me-Up… I Did It and You Can Too!

A quick motivational podcast to help you enjoy your New Year… Set goals, spend time with friends and family, and try to enjoy life in between your career efforts and hard work. Try to avoid letting the small inconveniences in life bother you. There are so many bigger things to worry about.

I did it and you can too!

The book mentioned is at www.LymphedemaBook.com.

Your Resolution… Happy New Year!

Forget New Year Resolutions… Make a new LIFE resolution. How are you going to change your life for the better forever? Setting and achieving smaller goals as you reach toward your ultimate goal will be more enjoyable and rewarding. Best of luck with your resolutions… K. Goeller

Check out the  Fitness and Gymnastics Journals by Karen Goeller.

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Famous Actors

Talking to a friend and two famous commercial actors came up. Did you know that many are NOT overnight sensations like you think? They have worked for YEARS before you noticed them. Did you know that Flo the Progressive girl has been an actor since 1998? That’s a long, dedicated career.

So please stop believing the overnight sensation stories. To get the list of their film and tv work, type their name into imdb.com.  You’ll likely see their long acting careers.

And type my name into the imdb website too to see what I’ve done.

Getting that amazing role or becoming a well-known actor, requires being dedicated and consistent for many years. It requires lots of hard work, just like any other career.

Just sayin’

Karen Goeller, Actor and Script Supervisor

Gymnastics Conditioning… Are Push-ups useful?

Gymnastics Skills… Which conditioning is best?

A gymnast asked if push-ups and pull-ups are good conditioning for gymnasts. This is my response. If you do a million push-ups and pull-ups, guess what? You’ll be really GOOD at pull-ups and push-ups.

#gymnastics #gymnasts #sports #strength #conditioning


I heard a medical doctor answer the question, “what should I do if I’m tired all the time?” He immediately suggested expensive and stressful medical tests. he failed to mention the most simple solutions.

#sleep #nutrition #health #diet #exercise

Health and Nutrition Advice

Where do you get your health and nutrition advice? Listen to Karen’s 1st pet peeve podcast. Very quick and to-the-point. She does not believe in wasting time.

Karen Goeller, CSCS is available for film work, book signings, radio and tv interviews.

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