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Amazing news!

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This Award-Winning Script needs a Producer and funds.

May 2022, Karen Goeller was awarded “Best Debut Script Writer” from Red Dragon Film Festival for Missy’s Voice feature film script.

Dec 2021, Missy’s Voice feature film script was selected by Gothamite Monthly Film Awards for “Best Drama Script.

See the full list of Awards and Selections for Missy’s Voice Script below.

That’s more reason for YOU to get involved. We hope to find the right producer for this film.

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The Missy’s Voice children’s book is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as other book retailers.



web-missys-voice-coverMissy’s Voice is a children’s book about a young singer who is tormented daily by bullies. The torment stems from jealousy. from kids at school. Missy reaches her breaking point, but eventually learns that everyone is likable and valuable. The bullies in this book learn that bad behavior is not rewarded.

Author: Karen Goeller
Illustrator: Andrew J Rodney
Pages: 56
ISBN: 9781708526627

“Karen , Thank you for being the voice for the innocent, the book portrays her struggles of getting through many challenges and obstacles. In this story, she fights through with help of loved ones. Some are not so fortunate.. A great read for all ages, an awareness of a cause that must be heard!”  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

An Interview with author, Karen Goeller

Where did you get the idea for this story?
Karen responded, “Well, it was inspired by my own experience of being tormented by kids in my school and some of their friends in the neighborhood that did not go to my school. You see, we actually started out as friends. They did gymnastics and I did ballet and tumbling. During a gym class at school, I thought they were better at tumbling than me. I found out where they went for classes. My Dad brought me to the YMCA and signed me up. Gymnastics was my passion from day one. I progressed so rapidly that the girls in my class became jealous.  They soon stopped gymnastics, but made fun of my love for the sport. They would call me “Miss Balance Beam” all the time. A few times they rang my doorbell and my Dad answered. When he answered I heard them say, “Is Miss Balance beam here?” My Dad laughed and closed the door on them.  They tormented me whenever they saw me. It happened mostly without adults nearby so no adults actually witnessed this constant tormenting other than my Dad the two times he answered the door.”

Did you tell your parents or any teachers?
“Yes, but nothing was done. At the time, any adult I told advised me to ignore them. That did not work and I had to deal with this for two years until I graduated from that school. I could not wait for that to end.”

So, I guess your friends were on your gymnastics team?
“Actually, no. I was also teased by teammates at gymnastics, especially when we traveled to meets.  A few teased me because I still looked like a child at 12 years old while they looked like adults. Calling me flat as a board all the time. One teammate even told me she hated me because she was jealous of me. She said she was anorexic and hated that I was so skinny and some of my skills were better than hers. I actually did not hate her and continued to be nice because she said it nicely to me and it was a one-time thing. Sometime after that she said she could not believe that I was still nice to her after she told me that she hated me. So no, I really did not have close friends at gymnastics.”

Did you tell the coach?
“Adults said to ignore them whenever they witnessed or I told them about the constant teasing and tormenting. So whenever I was at school or gymnastics there were people teasing and tormenting me.

That sounds like a pretty difficult time in your life.
“Yes, it was hard to be teased and tormented on a daily basis, especially when your big sister, uncle, and cousin also tease you regularly. I really had no relief for years. I had a few friends in school so the teasing was not 24/7, but it was nearly every day.

So, how or when did it stop?
“It did not stop when I graduated from that school because I was bullied in high school too, but the teacher and principal put an end to it as soon as they found out. That also stemmed from me doing gymnastics and likely jealousy. The bullies knew me from camp. It was pretty interesting how that ended. One day they would not let me in the locker room after gym class. I finally pushed the door really hard and one of them fell into the sink. They told a teacher that I pushed the girl into the sink intentionally. When I was approached by the teacher I told her and the Vice Principle the whole story.  They also found out from other students that I was telling the truth. The next day I was told by the Vice Principal that if they even look at me wrong they will be suspended. I hated that high school, but I do give them credit for putting a stop to it as soon as they found out. So the answer to, when did it end, is really my second year in high school. And they graduated at the end of that year.”

How did it feel?
“It hurt and there was no adult when it first started who thought it should be stopped. I don’t think the adults realized that I had no escape. It was everywhere. My big sister, an uncle, and a cousin also teased me regularly. I don’t think anyone realized how hurtful teasing on a regular basis was when there were also issues at school. No one had any idea that it was daily, almost nonstop for years. I was little and shy so I guess I may have been a good target.”

What do you want people to get out of this book?
“I really wish people were more kind. You do not know what else is happening in someone’s life. “What you think is a little stress or no big deal may actually be someone’s breaking point.”

So, did you draw the pictures in this book?
“No. I do not have that talent. I hired an artist I know through the film industry, Andrew Rodney. I’ve respected his talent for years and knew he would be creative with these illustrations. I was thrilled to see how he translated my words into these pictures. He was really easy to work with too.”

Any other books in the future?
“No other books planned, but I did write this story as a script for a short film and a feature-length film. I’d love to connect with a producer who would like to take this project on. The script has won awards at film festivals.”

Awards and Selections for Missy’s Voice Script

  • Official Selection WPRN International Film Festival May 2023 
  • Official Selection in Chicago Script Awards December 2022 
  • Official Selection and Semi-Finalist Niagara Falls International Short Festival November 2022 
  • Official Selection WIFF Film Festival November 2022 
  • Official Selection Doge Film Festival June 2022 
  • Official Selection and Semi-Finalist Mile High International Film Festival june 2022 
  • Best Debut Script Writer in Red Dragon Film Festival May 2022  
  • Best Drama Script at Gothamite Film Awards, October 2021  
  • Official Selection in WPRN Women’s International Film Festival 2022  
  • Official Selection in Mile High International Film Festival 2022  
  • Official Selection in Grove Film Festival 2022  
  • Official Selection and Finalist Cooper Awards Finalist 2022 
  • Logline Award, Story Pitches March 2020  

So, you seem to have written so many books. Is writing your passion?
“Actually, no. I really enjoy sharing knowledge and my thoughts, but my passions are training my athletes and going to ballroom.  I competed in ballroom and had a blast. I’ll continue to write, but I really love being in the gym and in the ballroom.”

Karen has led an interesting life to this point. We look forward to seeing the popularity of this book grow and what the future holds.

To see all of Karen’s published books go to www.amazon.com/author/karengoeller. She has over 20 published books and countless articles, podcasts, and training programs in circulation. To read her full bio go to www.KarenGoeller.com.

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