Sports Performance Training in NJ

Personal Training for Athletes in NJ with Karen Goeller, CSCS.

Sports Conditioning (strength, flexibility, speed, endurance) for Gymnastics, Boxing, Cheerleading, Swimming, Track, Figure Skating, Golf, Tennis, Dance, etc.

Testimonials are below.

If you’ve been thinking about getting training for your daughter, NOW is the time, before she gets too frustrated with her slow progress. Ages 10 and up.

Benefits from training with Karen Goeller, CSCS

  • Faster progress in a sport.
  • Better competition results.
  • Improved flexibility.
  • More strength.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Prevent injury or condition after an injury

Karen’s workouts are creative, challenging, enjoyable, and very effective.

Why should your daughter train with Karen?

  • Because Karen has been training athletes since 1978.
  • She worked for world famous coach, Bela Karolyi.
  • Karen owned a gymnastics facility in NY for ten years.
  • Karen has produced National TOPS Team Athletes, State Champions, Empire State Games Athletes, and two National Champions (Level 10 Beam and Level 10 Bars).
  • Karen is the author of more gymnastics books than anyone in the USA. 
  • She is the creator of Swing Set Fitness.
  • Her education includes training in emergency medicine, physical therapy, and nutrition.
  • Karen has held certifications that include NSCA-CSCS, Fitness Trainer, EMT-D, Nutritional Analysis, and many Gymnastics Certifications among others.
  • Karen is the ONLY CSCS in NJ who ALSO has a tremendous amount of gymnastics experience. No other trainer in NJ is more qualified to train gymnasts who need strength and better skill technique than Karen.
  • You’ll quickly realize that Karen Goeller is the one you should contact when your daughter needs help.

Finally, a highly successful gymnastics coach with the prestigious CSCS certification that offers highly effective training! No other fitness trainer or strength coach in NJ is more qualified to train gymnasts. It takes a highly successful gymnastics coach with extensive knowledge of conditioningto get someone with Karen’s knowledge and credentials. There’s never been a better opportunity for gymnasts in NJ to get extra training.

Call Karen’s office for training info now… before her schedule fills up!


“Dear Karen, I feel like this note is way overdue. I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for the impact that you had on my daughter. Beam was never her strongest event. It was actually her weakest. She would bobble, have several balance checks and usually fall. But then you stepped in as the beam coach at Will Moor and everything changed. She went from being happy to be scoring in the  8’s to consistently scoring in the 9’s. She won her first two 1st places in the 2022 competition season. And they just happened to be on balance beam. At states, she was one of the top three scores for our team which led us to place first place in the state on balance beam for level 6. The most amazing part of this is that right before her performance on beam, she had the most devastating falls at the bar. All year she was strong on bars but she fell multiple times at states. Beam was the event immediately following and I thought for sure she would fall apart there. But you kept her strong and you reminded her of the things that kept her on beam all year long. Seeing that 9.55 on beam made my heart explode. We have you to thank for that. She misses you so much. I just wanted to make sure that you knew how much of an impact you had on her. So thank you!”  Nicole Billow (Sept 2022)

“You did more with our daughter in one hour than her coaches did all year!” Mr. B.  Aug 2021

“Couldn’t have gone this far without you!” Margzetta Frazier, UCLA gymnast, via Twitter to Karen 12/16/18

“Karen Goeller is a person who teaches people how to get healthy through her expertise as an Exercise Therapist. She is one of the most knowledgeable people that I have ever met in regard to exercise prescription and the utilization of equipment for exercise.  She is outstanding with all populations from children through adult. Karen is also honorable and driven to always be successful.”  Dr. Joe Kasper, Owner and Author Fire Your Diet, Inc.

“I can’t thank you enough. You are a dream come true. When my daughter was first injured and I went running to the Internet for help, this is exactly what I was searching for but even better. You have been such a huge help. You are a great motivator and you keep challenging my daughter with new and necessary skills. It’s perfect. My daughter would not be anywhere near where she is at right now if it wasn’t for you.  Thank you for being the one professional who offers her expertise to other coaches without expecting anything but the return of my daughter to the sport she loves.”    M. Clayton

“Words cannot express my gratitude for you. You have helped my daughter get over fears, accomplish new skills and become a better gymnast. You have restored her faith in coaches. I cannot thank you enough for helping me guide my daughter through this difficult year. We are so lucky to work with you.”  Robin Behn

“Wishing a happy birthday to a very very special lady! Karen you’ve been with us from the beginning since level 4 and if it hasn’t been for your support, guidance, pep talks I don’t know where we would be right now! Enjoy your day you’ll probably spend it working or helping somebody else reach their goals but that selflessness is what makes you irreplaceable! We truly appreciate all you have done!” Shina R. (Daughter is now elite gymnast.)

“My mom found Karen online and ever since the first session we’ve had with her we’ve be stuck to her! She is full of great exercises that have shaped my gymnastics to this day. I recently had surgery on my knee and without Karen I wouldn’t still be in this sport. She helped me mentally and physically during the whole process. She was there when nobody else was. She made sure that I knew she cared about me. The only reason I’m able to get back so quickly is because of her strength conditioning. I am a better gymnast now because of all the drills she gave me while I wasn’t able to do the tricks I needed to. She hasn’t only helped my confidence and determination, but she’s also changed my future. We will always be working with her. Karen Goeller is truly a gymnastics treasure.”  J. Johns

Karen Goeller is the best in the business. Words alone can’t express how fortunate we are to have found her and to be training with her. Our daughter is a young gymnast and, like many young gymnasts when first attempting skills that are unfamiliar, needed extra coaching and conditioning. Also, as the gymnast progresses in their skill level, they sometimes begin to doubt that they will be able to move on to more difficult skills and their exuberance and self-confidence begins to diminish. This is where we were when we met Karen Goeller.   Since training with Karen, our daughter has improved more than we could have ever imagined. Karen Goeller was very deliberate in assessing our daughter’s abilities before designing a program specific to her needs and with the utmost care for her safety and well-being. Within a couple of weeks, there was visible improvement in not only her endurance but also in all areas of gymnastics skills. Our daughter has learned that her skills can improve with hard work and the right kind of training. Because Karen explains how every exercise corresponds to a specific gymnastics skill, my daughter now has a greater understanding and appreciation for the conditioning exercises she performs.  Karen Goeller is an incredible motivator and a consummate professional. My daughter absolutely loves training with Karen! With Karen Goeller’s coaching, our daughter is now more motivated and self-confident than ever. There is no doubt that Karen Goeller has changed our lives, gymnastics and otherwise. Thanks Karen for all you are doing and we are looking to forward to sharing many years of gymnastics coaching with you.”   M. Hartstein

“When your child tells you that she wants to do nothing but gymnastics, you want to make sure that her development in sport is in the hands of a trainer who is not only an expert, but someone who is going to inspire and motivate her to soar, and at the same time teach her how to safely progress into a gifted gymnast.  That is what Karen Goeller has done for my daughters. My girls are reaching incredible heights at the gym and are noticed because of the dedication and superior training that they receive from Karen.     K Lambrou (Daughter is now elite.)

Call Karen’s office for training info now… before her schedule fills up!

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