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Book Profits lead to Donations for Houston, Texas

If we all do something small, the impact will be big.” Karen Goeller

I figured the best way for me to help those in the path of the awful Texas hurricane is to offer part of my profits to a no kill animal shelter and other groups. It’s all done through ebay, so the charities get the percentage of profits promised on the product descriptions.

25% of profits going to Houston SPCA
Gymnastics Drills and Conditioning Book

25% of profits going to Greyhound Friends of NJ
Lymphedema: Sentenced to Life in Bed Book

25% going to Greyhound Pets of America in Houston, Texas.
Legs Plus Workouts Book

25% of profits going to Friends for Life, no-kill animal shelter in
Sports Lessons Learned Book

30% of Profits going to Red Cross to help with Texas.
Gymnastics Lessons Learned Book



Sports Lessons Learned: Life Lessons through Sports

Have you seen this yet?

Sports Lessons Learned: Life Lessons through Sports by Karen Goeller

web-sports-lessons-front-coThis children’s book is a collection of stories about young female athletes who have learned valuable lessons through sports. Sports include gymnastics, cheerleading, tennis, golf, skiing, boxing, martial arts, swimming, diving, track, soccer, and dance. By reading these short stories your child will learn new lessons, change their attitude, or possibly redirect her sports career. The stories show the value of sports lessons beyond the fun, skills, and competitions. Your child will enjoy reading this book and sharing the stories with her friends. Nice gift for any female athlete, sports parent, or sports coach.

This is very similar to Gymnastics Lessons Learned. You do not need both books.

See all books by Karen Goeller at www.amazon.com/author/karengoeller.

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Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books

Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books by Karen Goeller, CSCS

Books are great gifts for kids and adults!


Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books

Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books by Karen Goeller, CSCS

Books are great gifts for kids and adults!



Sports Performance Training

TtrainingMy athletes are amazing, tremendous progress each time I see them! I get results with EVERY athlete I train because I only take athletes with specific goals. We reach those goals and then they set new goals! Check out the testimonials!
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Congratulations to my boxer!

Congratulations to Paul Anthony, my boxer from Gleason’s boxing gym!!! A nice WIN at the tournament last night and he gets to advance in this tournament! Paul has a great boxing coach, Devon, and a support team that cannot be beat.

I truly love seeing my athletes succeed after they have trained consistently and worked hard… Paul sets a good example for younger athletes every day. He not only trains in the sport he loves, he is a college student and has had a steady job for a very long time.

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