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Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books

Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books by Karen Goeller, CSCS

Books are great gifts for kids and adults!



How to Choose a Gymnastics Program

ad-bars-shapes-smallDoes your child want to do gymnastics? Be sure to visit three gyms and ask for a trial class at each BEFORE you hand over your credit card. Google the gym, the owners name, and the coaches names and see what comes up. Also google “gym name reviews”.

Speak to the parents of the preschoolers and the team parents so you have an idea of the philosophy, the temperament of the coaches, injuries, and the owner’s availability.If three or more gymnasts on the team have pain/injury in the same area of the body there may be something wrong with the training. All ankle or knee pain? Maybe too many hard landings or too much of a specific movement such as deep squat conditioning. Elbow pain, maybe too many rope climbs, hard surfaces, poor use of uneven use of bar straps, too many high impact skills regularly. Back pain, maybe poor technique with specific skills, incorrect landings, or too many fast-moving  back-bending skills.

Be sure to match the personality of your child with the gym you choose. If your child is only interested in a little fun each week, many gyms will satisfy that need. If your child wants to be a competitive gymnast then choose a gym that already has a good track record of high level competition.

And be sure the owner is at the gym often. Why do you need to know if it’s an absentee owner? Because when things go wrong, become unsafe, or you are not getting what you are paying for you will want a conversation with the owner.

Go with your gut instinct when you walk in the door, but also do your homework. Let me know if you need help choosing a gym.

I offer private training for competitive gymnasts ages 10 and up, www.BestGymnasticsTraining.com.

And check out the book, Gymnastics Lessons Learned:Life Lessons through Gymnastics. It is a great gift for 6-10 year old girls. The Gymnastics Journal is also very popular. It is for competitive gymnasts.

Too Hot Outside for Exercise?

Too hot outside for www.swingsetfitness.com… But you can do my swing exercises using equipment created MANY years after I created Swing Set Fitness. Get one of my books, use their equipment.
Need 12 workouts? www.swingworkouts.com
Swing Set Fitness Books

Swing Set Fitness Books

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Sports Lessons Learned: Life Lessons through Sports Book now available! Great gift!

Sports Lessons Learned: Life Lessons through Sports…

web-sports-lessons-front-coPrint copies now available!!! Get the one with black/white illustrations here, https://www.createspace.com/5818063 for $9.99.
Color interior available here, https://www.createspace.com/5817904 for $24.99. Get $5.00 off color illustrations with coupon code 88K2DVX3.
Both should be available in stores in time for holiday shopping! Great gift for girls ages 6-11 who enjoy sports! Order online for fastest service and best prices.
And to get it for Kindle, http://amzn.com/B0170DPE1Y.

This is a collection of stories about young female athletes who have learned valuable lessons through sports. Sports include gymnastics, cheerleading, tennis, golf, skiing, boxing, martial arts, swimming, diving, track, soccer, and dance. By reading these short stories your child will learn new lessons, change their attitude, or possibly redirect her sports career. The stories show the value of sports lessons beyond the fun, skills, and competitions. Your child will enjoy reading this book and sharing the stories with her friends. Nice gift for any female athlete, sports parent, or sports coach. This is very similar to Gymnastics Lessons Learned book. Suggested for girls ages 6-11.

Great gift for the holidays!

Have You Seen This?

Have you seen this page? Check out all of Karen Goeller’s fitness, gymnastics, and health books on Amazon… You can even find the book of her life story since cancer surgery here!

Fitness and Gymnastics Books by Karen Goeller, CSCS.

Fitness and Gymnastics Books by Karen Goeller, CSCS.

Karen Goeller doing lecture for NSCA Professionals

Karen Goeller will be speaking at the Regional Clinic for the NSCA in December in NJ.
100-drills-ad-2009TOPIC: Conditioning for gymnasts, dancers, and figure skaters, more specifically conditioning for leaps and jumps.
We’ll post more details as it gets closer. Last time physical therapists, doctors, physical education teachers, sports performance specialists, and fitness trainers attended.
Some of the conditioning exercises are in the gymnastics drills and conditioning book,  http://www.gymnasticsdrills.com

Fitness and Gymnastics Articles

Over 40 free gymnastics, health, and fitness articles for you at http://www.gymnasticsstuff.com/GymnasticsArticles.htm

Fitness and Gymnastics Books by Karen Goeller, CSCS.

Fitness and Gymnastics Books by Karen Goeller, CSCS.

Fitness and Gymnastics Books by Karen Goeller, CSCS.

Gymnastics Apparel and Gifts

Your gymnast and gymnastics coach will love our gymnastics t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, jerseys, pajamas, necklaces, earrings, teddy bears, posters, bags, travel mugs, water bottles, thermos’, ornaments, journals, stickers, iPad cases, Kindle and Nook sleeves, and even dog t-shirts!  http://www.GymnasticsStuff.com
Sometimes you must click the link a few times before it goes to the page. The website gets flooded.

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