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Fitness, Sports, Gymnastics, Children’s, Coloring, Health Books by Karen Goeller…
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Most Popular Gymnastics Books, Gifts

For the first 14 years Gymnastics Drills and Conditioning was my most popular book. Last year it was my Gymnastics Journal and Gymnastics Lessons books. This year my Gymnastics Coloring Book is taking top spot. You can get them through major book sellers incl Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Gymnastics Journal: My Goals, My Scores, My Dreams

Most popular now, Gymnastics Journal: My Goals, My Scores, My Dreams
(2nd ed. 1st published 2005)

web-gymn-journal_frontcoverThe gymnast will write all about their gymnastics events, competitions, and goals in this amazing journal and save the memories forever. This is the only gymnastics journal your gymnast will need the entire gymnastic season. There are spaces for gymnastics competition scores, event goals, future goals, and much more. The gymnast will be encouraged to set goals for the near and distant future.  In this gymnastics journal the gymnast will be able to track their progress and goals from month to month and year to year. Written by a very experienced gymnastics coach who helped her gymnasts set goals, achieve them, and surpass them often.

Keeping a gymnastics journal is a great way to set goals and preserve memories.

Wow! Great item! Thank you so much. My daughter will LOVE it!” L. Fargo, MA
Love the book. Thanks.” H. Haas, SC
Nice journal.” M. Rukavina, TN
Great book! Thank you!” A. Barnes, OK
“This book is really cool because I can remember my scores and I can write my goals! I love this book, and any gymnast should have it.” For 1st ed. By rtnorfolk on March 17, 2014


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