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Legs Plus Mini-Workout, 5 minutes!

Legs Plus Mini-Workout… Try it!

Sample mini-workout to see the effects of Legs Plus. Do all three exercise and then do  all three again without rest.




And please remember, what you eat will have a GREAT effect on your overall health and weight.

Stay healthy, stay happy, and have a wonderful New Year…

Legs Plus was created by Karen Goeller, CSCS in 2007. Contact her for book signings, speaking engagements, spokesperson roles, consulting in sports and fitness, or training.

You are responsible for your own safety. Stop if you feel dizzy, nauseous, ill, or injured. Do not perform if you have a history of back pain. See more details and specific instructions in the book.

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Book Profits lead to Donations for Houston, Texas

If we all do something small, the impact will be big.” Karen Goeller

I figured the best way for me to help those in the path of the awful Texas hurricane is to offer part of my profits to a no kill animal shelter and other groups. It’s all done through ebay, so the charities get the percentage of profits promised on the product descriptions.

25% of profits going to Houston SPCA
Gymnastics Drills and Conditioning Book

25% of profits going to Greyhound Friends of NJ
Lymphedema: Sentenced to Life in Bed Book

25% going to Greyhound Pets of America in Houston, Texas.
Legs Plus Workouts Book

25% of profits going to Friends for Life, no-kill animal shelter in
Sports Lessons Learned Book

30% of Profits going to Red Cross to help with Texas.
Gymnastics Lessons Learned Book



Karen Goeller on Late Night with Johnny P

Karen Goeller Interviewed in summer 2016 by Johnny Potenza, https://vimeo.com/182549120

Watch the whole show, Johnny P is really funny. My interview goes from 14:52 to 24:30.

Late Night Late Night With Johnny P / Episode #105 from Johnny Potenza on Vimeo.

Swing Set Fitness

Nearly ten years ago I created Swing Set Fitness…

(Kindle Book of Exercises)

(Book of Exercises)

(Book of Workouts)


Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books

Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books by Karen Goeller, CSCS

Books are great gifts for kids and adults!


Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books

Gymnastics, Sports, Fitness Books by Karen Goeller, CSCS

Books are great gifts for kids and adults!



Too Hot Outside for Exercise?

Too hot outside for www.swingsetfitness.com… But you can do my swing exercises using equipment created MANY years after I created Swing Set Fitness. Get one of my books, use their equipment.
Need 12 workouts? www.swingworkouts.com
Swing Set Fitness Books

Swing Set Fitness Books

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Have You Seen This?

Have you seen this page? Check out all of Karen Goeller’s fitness, gymnastics, and health books on Amazon… You can even find the book of her life story since cancer surgery here!

Fitness and Gymnastics Books by Karen Goeller, CSCS.

Fitness and Gymnastics Books by Karen Goeller, CSCS.

Health, Fitness, Gymnastics Articles

Over 40 free gymnastics, health, and fitness articles for you… www.gymnasticsstuff.com/GymnasticsArticles.htm

Gymnastics and fitness education… Articles for gymnastics coaches, fitness trainers, physical education teachers, gymnasts, and gymnastics parents. Click on article title to read the article.


Legs Plus Workouts

Legs Plus Workouts

Legs Plus Workouts

Legs Plus Workouts

Karen Goeller, CSCS, has educated thousands in the fitness and gymnastics industries for decades. And she has published another fitness book. The book is titled, Legs Plus Workouts. All ten LEGS PLUS workouts are challenging, unique, and very effective. It is the perfect system for weight loss and general fitness.The reader will be guided through each workout with specific instructions and photos of each exercise. The workouts are well-rounded and quick so the reader will exercise all of the major muscle groups and then be able to get on with their life. There is no need to spend hours at the gym to reach fitness goals. With the Legs Plus Workouts, the reader has the choice to exercise at home or at the gym. Chris Bossio of Bossio Photography took the photos. There is more information on the book at www.LegsPlusWorkouts.com.

Before this book, Karen Goeller published a children’s gymnastics book, Gymnastics Lessons Learned, Life Lessons through Gymnastics. This is a collection of stories about gymnasts who have learned valuable life lessons through gymnastics. By reading these short gymnastics stories the child will learn new lessons, change their attitude, or possibly redirect their gymnastics career. The stories show the value of gymnastics lessons beyond the fun, gymnastics skills, and competitions. Gymnastics offers a way for the child to learn discipline, perseverance, that rewards often follow hard work, and that there are consequences for a poor work ethic. Nice gift for any gymnast, gymnastics parent, or gymnastics coach.

Karen Goeller is the author of more gymnastics books than anyone in the USA. She started writing books in the year 2000, after an accident caused permanent spinal damage. Goeller was desperate to remain involved in gymnastics and fitness. She wrote a Gymnastics Drills and Conditioning book and within a few years ended up with a series of six of them. She said, “I knew I had a lot of knowledge and felt it was my turn to pass on this knowledge.” Goeller is also the creator of Swing Set Fitness with three books on that topic. And Goeller has a book, Sentenced to Life in Bed, but I Escaped, which tells her story since cancer surgery in 1991.

Goeller is available for interviews, book signings, consulting, and private gymnastics or sports performance training. Karen Goeller can be reached by calling 908-278-3756.

To see the list of Karen Goeller’s books visit her Amazon page, http://amzn.com/e/B002BM1FVS.  

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