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Swing Set Fitness: Exercise with a Playground Swing

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Swing Set Fitness: Exercise with a Playground Swing

Swing Set Fitness, exercise with a playground swing.

* It’s Fun!
* It’s effective!
* It’s fast!
* Lose weight.
* Gain strength.
* Become flexible.
* For kids and adults.
* Beginners through elite athletes.
* Exercise your whole body.
* Like no other workout.
* Start today.
* You’ll love it.

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Swing Set Fitness Video: Exercise with a Playground Swing

Swing Set Fitness Testimonial

Another testimonial for Swing Set Fitness… Join me for the next workout. The swing workouts are posted here… http://www.meetup.com/Lets-Make-Fitness-Fun

Swing Set Fitness Testimonial

Testimonial for Swing Set Fitness – The Best Playground Workouts – Exerc…

Karen on Radio

Listen to Karen’s radio interview online. Erin Ley’s Radio show, October 27, 2010. Show title was Get Fit with Music You’ll Love. You can listen to the archived show online by clicking the link, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/erinley/2010/10/27/get-fit-with-music-youll-love.

Foods Can Help You Fight Back Pain

Study: Foods Can Help You Fight Back Pain

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